Thessaloniki smart mobility living lab

Speakers: Georgia Aifadopoulou. Evangelos Mitsakis. Maria Morfoulaki. Josep Maria Salanova Grau. Panagiotis Tzenos & Michael Vassilantonakis
Published at 21/06/2023 Last update 14/07/2023
Application case

About ThSMLL

Thessaloniki Smart Mobility Living Lab is one of Europe's largest Living Labs. The entire city of Thessaloniki is a platform for testing technological and innovative solutions for mobility, cooperative and autonomous vehicles and will soon be extended to freight transport. Thessaloniki is now in the list of smart cities in the mobility sector, and this would not have been possible without the involvement of the bodies that make up the ecosystem of the city, which has been created over the last decade and is constantly growing. In this ecosystem, various operators and businesses are involved in providing data or expertise to create the right conditions for the exploitation of this infrastructure for the benefit of citizens. The Thessaloniki Smart Mobility Living Lab includes, among others:

  • Real time traffic data in Thessaloniki (cars and trains)
  • Short-term predictions of traffic conditions from multiple sources
  • Exporting and formulating mobility and activity patterns
  • Extended IoT equipment