Basque Country Digital Agency (EJIE)

Euskadi, the Basque Country, is located in the north of Spain where 2,178 million citizens live. It represents one of the largest industrial concentrations in Spain and its quality levels place it at the forefront of Europe. Based on its experience and tradition, the Basque Country is involved in the race towards competitiveness in a global and highly industrialised economy, in which it currently boasts more than 2,000 enterprises operating internationally and more than 5,000 companies with the highest quality certifications.

Basque industry, representing 23.9% of GDP (around 40% of GDP with services related to the industry), has become consolidated in its commitment to efficiency, quality, technification and internationalization. At present, the Basque Country is focusing its efforts on Smart Specialisation, identifying fields on which to concentrate human and financial R&D&I resources, namely Advanced Manufacturing 4.0, Energy and Biosciences for Health – three strategic sectors. Basque industrial companies are already working on the extension of excellence beyond metallurgical manufacturing, with the mastery of new materials, the design and development of their own products, the incorporation of high added value services and EICTs and the integration of value chains, i.e., Industry 4.0.

Thanks to a committed industrial fabric and strong institutional commitment to a serious industrial policy, the Basque Country has managed to become a world reference in various industrial sectors. AI and Big Data are key on this path and the creation of the Artificial Intelligence Center (BAIC) is a result of this commitment. This links to Euskadi’s engagement in the DT4REGIONS project with the aim of enabling the development of AI and Big Data solutions to enhance Digital Transformation or regional public administrations across Europe.