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Basque Country
Published at 28/11/2022 Last update 19/06/2023
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Minority languages don't have a spread digital representation. Nowadays, the presence on the internet is something very important to ensure that these minority languages can cope with the vast information world of Internet where English language is dominant. Providing citizens with tools that promote the use of minority languages is crucial to be fully integrated in the cultural ecosystem of their regions. Developing a machine translator is the first step in this direction.


Problem or opportunity (Strategic objectives)

The main problem lies in creating a machine translator based on neural networks that improves the Google translation results for minority languages. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the translation data is not exposed.


Expected benefits

The target is to train models that can translate from different languages (French, English and Spanish) into a minority language (Basque). In addition, we want to ensure that these models are deployed in a scalable and self-healing architecture. The machine translator will provide citizens with a reliable tool that can be used when studying Basque.  In addition, the translation service of the Basque Government may use the translator as a support tool to speed up the official translations requested to the service.

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Basque Government Informatic Society

Itzuli is a translator based on neural networks capable of translating bidirectionally between Basque and three other languages (French, English and Spanish).


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