Smart enforcement: automated detection and handling of prohibited transit in Vojkovice

Czech Republic
Published by: Brno.AI
Published at 02/05/2023 Last update 19/06/2023
Regions and Cities

This project aims to implement an automated traffic violation detection and handling system for the municipality of Vojkovice, utilizing advanced AI detectors. The focus is on prohibited truck transit. The project will cover the entire process, from installing the detectors to the handling of penalties and communication with the violators.


Problem or opportunity

The municipality of Vojkovice faces a challenge in enforcing traffic laws, particularly those related to prohibited truck transit. The lack of an efficient monitoring and penalization system has led to increased safety risks and road damage, negatively impacting residents' quality of life. This project presents an opportunity to address these issues and improve the municipality's ability to enforce traffic laws, resulting in safer roads and a more livable environment for the community.


Expected benefits

By implementing the automated traffic violation detection and connected handling system, the municipality of Vojkovice can achieve significant benefits. The system will provide real-time monitoring of traffic violations, enabling prompt action and ensuring fair and accurate penalization. This will improve road safety, reduced damage and traffic flow. The project will also create opportunities for collaboration and knowledge-sharing among regional and local policymakers, experts, and stakeholders, contributing to the broader objective of digital transformation for regions and cities.