Spreading a culture of green digital technologies and ecodesign

Published at 25/04/2023 Last update 19/06/2023
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Digital technology is recognized as a lever for economic and social development. However, the direct and indirect environmental impacts linked to the growing use of digital technology must be carefully considered with each deployment of digital tools.

The trend towards digital overconsumption is no longer sustainable in terms of the energy and materials it requires.

A real lever for the resilience of public and private organizations during the recent health crisis, it is time to act for a responsible and sustainable digital technology that will contribute to the resilience of societies to climate change, on the one hand by reducing its environmental footprint and on the other hand, by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digital technology and data to fight against global warming.


Problem or opportunity (Strategic objectives)  

The IT contribution to the green transition policies no longer have to be proven. At local and regional level, IT tools can be used to collect and better manage data and support green policies, for example in terms of urban infrastructures, public lighting, mobility, etc.

On the other hand, many public authorities have adopted local or regional roadmaps to support the green transition on their territories. The two aspects of the so-called twin transitions (digital and green) are interconnected. In this regard, it is of importance to raise awareness and disseminate the acculturation of "digital sobriety" within the public sector and among citizens. More broadly, the aim is to raise awareness among all digital users of the social and environmental impacts of digital technology.


Expected benefits

The integration of green IT policies can be both beneficial to the digital economic ecosystem (eg. solution providers, regional clusters, companies) and contribute to the ambitions to become exemplary administrations.

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Neo Terra ecological roadmap of Nouvelle Aquitaine
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Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region
Gabriel Ansel

On July 9, 2019, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region adopted its regional roadmap dedicated to the energy and ecological transition: Néo Terra.

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