Transforming citizen support: harnessing the power of AI for assistance services

Published by: Rimini Municipality
Published at 09/06/2023 Last update 30/08/2023
Population and society

The Municipality of Rimini is dedicated to enhancing citizen services through digital transformation initiatives. As part of this effort, they have identified the need for an innovative solution to improve information access and support for citizens seeking administrative services. The aim is to create a more streamlined and efficient process that empowers citizens and reduces the workload on municipal staff.


Problem or opportunity

The digital transformation project seeks to address the following challenges and opportunities:

  • Information accessibility: simplify the process for citizens to find relevant information about administrative services offered by the municipality.
  • Citizen empowerment: enable citizens to access services and information independently, enhancing their autonomy and reducing reliance on municipal staff.
  • Operational efficiency: optimize resource allocation and streamline processes to increase efficiency in delivering services.
  • Enhanced user experience: create a user-friendly and intuitive interface for citizens to interact with the municipality, improving overall satisfaction.

By leveraging emerging technologies and best practices in digital transformation, the Municipality of Rimini aims to develop a solution that caters to the needs of its citizens. The solution will be designed to provide easy access to information, support citizen inquiries, and ensure a seamless user experience.


Expected benefits

  • Improved citizen experience: citizens will benefit from a more user-friendly and intuitive process for accessing information and services, enhancing their overall experience with the municipality.
  • Enhanced efficiency: by providing citizens with the means to access information independently, the municipality can reduce the workload on staff, allowing them to focus on more complex tasks and improve overall operational efficiency.
  • Cost savings: streamlining processes and reducing reliance on traditional support channels can lead to cost savings for the municipality.
  • Increased transparency: by implementing digital solutions, the municipality aims to enhance transparency and provide citizens with clear and accessible information about administrative services.
  • Scalability: the digital transformation efforts will be designed to accommodate future growth and evolving citizen needs, ensuring scalability over time.