European Network of Living Labs

European Network of Living Labs (EnoLL)

ENoLL is a community of Living Labs with a sustainable strategy for enhancing innovation on a systemic basis. ENoLL supports the evolution and the wide uptake of the Living Lab paradigm throughout Europe and worldwide. ENoLL contributes to the creation of a dynamic, multi-layer and multidimensional European Innovation ecosystem, and facilitates the cooperation and the exploitation of synergies between their members and external stakeholders. ENoLL fosters open international collaboration to solve the open innovation big challenges of our times, thus contributing to global wellbeing, prosperity and stability. ActionOrientedTaskForces is one of the tools ENoLL has to tackle the field of Social Impact of #AI. ENoLL is a key partner in facilitating Knowledge exchange and Mutual Learning between regions and cities.

Through DT4REGIONS and its focus on #DigitalTransformation, #BigData and #AI, European Network of Living Labs adds another piece to its path of innovation and inclusive growth and drives the development of the Future Internet, Living Labs and Smart and Creative Cities and Regions convergence. ENoLL, in collaboration with the Living-in-EU initiative, for “Join, Boost, Sustain” helps shape the Capacity Building of European public administrations in cities and regions.