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Design and Implementation of Mutual Learning Communities: Enabling knowledge through community engagement

DT4REGIONS and Living-in.EU initiatives are delighted to invite you to a joint Webinar on 6 June 2023 from 17:00 to 19:00 CEST to discuss and define the concept of Community of Mutual Learners and its potential environments of engagement and implementation.

In this session, we will introduce a proposal on capacity building and skill development based on the concept of Mutual Learning Communities, during which, individuals will be able to share topics of interest, lessons learnt and concerns. Key elements such as teamwork-based learning methodologies, and the potential use of virtual environments will give the community of learners a quality learning experience and a reference space for knowledge exchange and sharing lessons learnt. 

In the context of Living-in.EU it is important to develop knowledge and skills among peers from existing European digital initiatives and solutions. We will explore the following:

  • What does it mean for individuals to be a community of learners?
  • How does this apply to the specific context of European public servants in the Digital Transition?
  • How can we enable the creation and sharing of knowledge through the exchange of experiences and lessons learnt?
  • What are the enabling features that a digital platform should have for Communities of Mutual Learning?

We will illustrate these concepts by using concrete examples such as virtual reality prototypes, digital twins, and other digital tools, with the objective of investigating basic features which could be enablers for the exploration of the mutual learning communities in the digital world.

Readings and case studies will be provided that focus on the importance of effective cooperative teamwork, including the roles and tasks involved, as well as the potential benefits of utilising virtual spaces for multidisciplinary teams to enhance their overall performance. These resources will support our 2-hour session.

We invite public authorities, municipalities, policy makers from local and national authorities, supporters and signatories of the Living-in.EU declaration, as well as DT4REGIONS project partners to join us for this Webinar. Participants will get to know the other cities and regions interested in participating in the joint capacity-building programme of the two initiatives and will share their perspectives and insights.


  • Fernando Vilariño, Coordinator of the Action Oriented Task Force on Social Impact of AI and Associate Director at Computer Vision Centre
  • Anna Massa, Engineering Student, Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Jennifer Samaniego, Deputy Director RAIN Ecuador Immersive Learning Network
  • Markku Turunen, Professor at Tampere University
  • Giacomo Lozzi, Senior Project Manager European Network of Living Labs

Session moderated by Prof. Fernando Vilariño, Leader of the Action Oriented Task Force on Social Impact of AI at the European Network of Living Labs and Associate Director at Computer Vision Centre-UAB.

Last update 25/05/2023