DT4REGIONS Blockchain Hackathon
Mar, 22 - Mar, 23
Start at 8h30m
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DT4REGIONS Blockchain Hackathon – Let’s Build the Future of Web 3.0!

Regions and Cities

DT4REGIONS, and their project partner bwcon, are holding a hybrid 'Challenges for the Blockchain Hackathon' as part of the web3week in Stuttgart and online on 22-23 March 2023.

The Challenge:  

Renewable Energy Distribution and Management for Sustainable Municipalities 

Problem Description:  

Municipalities currently rely heavily on non-renewable energy sources to power their infrastructure, resulting in increased CO2 emissions and contributing to climate change. Despite the presence of locally produced renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, and hydro energy, they are not effectively harnessed and utilised, leading to missed opportunities for sustainability. The challenge is to develop an innovative solution that can manage and distribute these renewable energy sources effectively to reduce dependence on non-renewable sources and lower CO2 emissions in municipalities. This can lead to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to energy management and distribution in municipalities. 

The challenges that need to be addressed in this context are: 

 — to identify the location, or the range of actors involved, so that the generation of electricity from renewable sources corresponds to the consumption in place and time 

 — to design a system to measure and account for the electricity generated and consumed. 


Develop an innovative solution that effectively manages and distributes locally produced renewable energy sources in municipalities to reduce dependence on non-renewable sources and lower CO2 emissions. The solution should be scalable, cost-effective, and able to generate revenue for the municipality, while also providing real-time monitoring and control capabilities for energy production and consumption. 

As part of the web3week, there will also be a Start-up Pitches & Match-Making day on 22 March, more information is available here

Please find more information and registration for the hackathon here

Last update 09/03/2023