Breaking the silos on local innovation: module 2

Published at 09/12/2022 Last update 28/03/2023
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Government and public sector

Breaking the Silos on Local Innovation looks into two critical aspects within the public sector when it comes to the theme of innovation: how do we commission it and how do we host it?  

The course consists of two modules which aim to equip international city practitioners, commissioners, and decision makers with very practical training that can be applied independently within your local context. The course aims to provide you with new concepts and ideas from some of our experts in the field of local innovation.

Each module can be studied together or separately.

Module 2. Innovation Districts, Parks and Quarters: What it takes to establish a local hub of innovation!

Across over 100 cities worldwide, buildings and districts have been designated future centres of innovation, but not all live up to the name. 

In this module, you will learn about demand preconditions, location requirements, and interventions or catalysts that enable places to host innovation economies successfully across different formats and scales. We have based our content on original research from more than 30 such places of innovation to create this module.

 Duration: approx: 1h 30min