Boundaryless – Platform Design Toolkit

Boundaryless helps global customers with Platform Business Strategy and Organization Design for the age of Ecosystems. We are experts in those domains and we built a Platform Design framework based on the knowledge we extracted in years of practice. 

We constantly create openly accessible frameworks and support a community of organisations, institutions, and individuals through workshops, training, and consulting services. We help organisations develop Platform Strategies with the Platform Design Toolkit, our world-renowned methodology for platform design and innovation: we help customers identify opportunities for new platforms, design and validate their strategies on the market and generate growth.

We also support organisations in becoming more Entrepreneurial and Ecosystem-Enabling. Thanks to our collaboration with pioneering organisations, we developed a sound approach to transforming existing firms and developing new ones, as swarms of independent, entrepreneurial, self-managed teams supported by shared platform services reducing organizational debt and increasing organisational agility. Boundaryless has been working with an impressive range of stakeholders: from Fortune 500s to start-ups, from organisational transformation pioneers such as Haier group to the United Nations Development Programs.

In the frame of the DT4REGIONS project, Boundaryless is involved in designing the future DT4REGIONS platform and its services.