Empowering collaboration and diagnosis in the fight against pandemics

Published by: Wielkopolska Region
Published at 05/06/2023 Last update 30/08/2023

In order to generate an effective response to pandemics like COVID-19, a coordinated collaboration among public administration, scientists, healthcare professionals, and the general population should be enabled. This DT story highlights the transformative potential of AI and software solutions for this purpose, focusing on their role in providing real-time data analysis, enhancing decision-making, and improving healthcare services. Moreover, with automatic image classification capabilities, AI can enable faster and more accurate diagnoses, while a comprehensive data platform may empower stakeholders to make informed decisions for the well-being of a specific territory.


Problem or opportunity

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges, necessitating the collaboration of multiple stakeholders to mount an effective response. This need is well recognized among the public authorities and seizes the opportunity to bridge the gap between various entities involved in combating the pandemic. By providing e-services that bring together relevant datasets, the proposed solution would support evidence-informed decision-making, enhance public service deliveries, and strengthen internal management within a particular region.


Expected Benefits

  1. Access to up-to-date data and information: easy access to aggregated official and expert-verified data on the pandemics. 

  2. Enhanced collaboration and remote work among multiple stakeholders: incorporating videoconferencing and multimedia support would enable scientific and crisis teams to collaborate remotely. 

  3. Efficient diagnosis through automated image analysis: AI-powered system for automated diagnoses.

  4. Empowering public awareness: increasing of social awareness regarding the running health emergency.