DT4REGIONS Ideathon: AI potential in Preventive Health Care


In October 2022, the DT4REGIONS project in cooperation with the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council will organise four ideathon workshops for Artificial Intelligence Potential in Preventive Healthcare. We are looking for new ideas how to use AI for preventive healthcare – awards are waiting for the best ones!

What is an ideathon? An ideathon is an open innovation event, where bright minds come together to produce innovative ideas in a thematic area.

Four ideathon events on Artificial Intelligence Potential in Preventive Healthcare will be organised during October 2022. We invite you to pick your date(s).

Smart use of AI powered health data contents is a great opportunity to improve public health system efficacy. Especially, allowing improved interoperability between social services interventions data and primary healthcare data offers a possibility to mitigate workload of the personnel as well as improve the quality of care. Sustainable, connected and AI powered processes can be utilized on various levels of public care and support functions. In the context of preventive healthcare, AI can improve the accuracy and quality of treatment, or slower the development of disease or even prevent some health issues occurring.

Advancements in sensor technology and machine learning will radically improve our ability to continuously gather data on public health, accurately predict individual risk factors, and measure the impact of preventative care on the health of individuals and society at large. We’ll be able to deliver better, more personalised care, improving outcomes and efficiency.” – KIN+CARTA

To find new solutions for preventive healthcare we need the power of crowds and co-creation. By joining the movement you can be part of the solution for future health. We encourage you to engage by following the steps below:

  1. Join one or more events.
  2. Think of a challenge that you and your team would like to address, in the field of preventive health and social care.
  3. Create ideas together with your team. Fill in the form to submit your idea by 30 November 2022 here.
  4. The winners will be announced in a webinar to be held before the end of December. Four winning teams will be awarded with 2500€ each.

14 October 9:00-11.30 EET – The event will be held in a hybrid format. Participation is possible in person at DIAK University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki or online via Teams. Learn more, find the agenda and register here.

The other three events will be organised online only. Find more information and register via the following links:

25 October 9:00-11.00 CEST - focus on Denmark

28 October 9:00-11.00 CEST - focus on Sweden

31 October 9:00-11.00 CEST - focus on Norway

For further information, please contact Cristina Andersson (Cristina.andersson@develor.fi) or Heikki Kallasvaara (Heikki.kallasvaara@uudenmaanliitto.fi).

Last update 28/11/2022