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Local Digital Twins toolbox project launches survey

The European Commission (Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology) has recently launched a project to “Co-design the Local Digital Twins (LDT) toolbox technical specifications for advancing the transformation of Smart Communities”. To support the design process, they have launched a survey to gather insights and collect the needs and requirements that will guide the co-designing process of the Local Digital Twin Toolbox.

Local Digital Twins (LDTs) are a virtual representation of the physical assets, processes and people within a geographically located community, which reflect and derive from cross-sectorial, historical and (near) real-time data. Their purpose is to enhance evidence-based decision-making, at the operational, strategic and tactical levels, to better meet the needs of communities. Local digital twins combine multiple technologies, such as data analytics and artificial intelligence, enabling predictive and simulation models that can be updated and changed as their physical equivalents change.

The LDT Toolbox project targets parts of the LDT ambition, preferring cases that accelerate the digital transition respecting the values of the EU Green Deal. The project focuses on the less-ready communities, to increase their speed towards adopting local digital twins and democratising technology across the EU.

The project's main objectives are to map EU-based technology providers and users involved in LDT deployment, develop a complete LDT toolbox, validate LDT scenarios, design the toolbox based on the best deployment scenario, and create a plan for widespread adoption in the EU.

Please access the survey here.

The deadline for the survey is 30 June at 23:59 CEST. For any questions please refer to eliana.gerardi@intelleraconsulting.com 

Last update 20/06/2023