Streamlining business strategy: harnessing AI for data-driven decision making

Published at 15/06/2023 Last update 03/07/2023
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In today's dynamic business landscape, organizations face various risks that can impact their viability and success. To navigate these challenges effectively, it is crucial to analyze large volumes of data and derive actionable insights for informed decision making. However, many businesses lack the necessary resources and expertise to leverage data effectively. This creates a need for an AI-powered solution that can harness real-time market and business data, converting it into valuable inputs for management decision-making in a timely manner.


Problem or opportunity

The problem at hand is the absence of a robust AI solution capable of processing extensive real-time market and business data and transforming it into actionable management inputs for business decision-making. By addressing this challenge, organizations can enhance their ability to leverage data, identify potential risks, and improve overall stability.


Expected Benefits

Implementing an AI-powered solution would revolutionize the decision-making process in businesses by enabling them to harness the vast amount of available data effectively. This would lead to more data-driven decision-making, enabling organizations to proactively identify and manage market and operational risks. As a result, the business ecosystem would experience increased stability and performance. The beneficiaries of this solution would include business customers, employees, investors, business owners, public bodies, and society as a whole. The outcome would be a reduction in defaults, improved economic performance, and greater economic and social stability.

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Real-time Economy - Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication

The proposed solution leverages the AI concepts to analyze market and business operational data in real-time and derive actionable business management fundamentals in the same timeframe as data is analyzed.

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