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May, 02
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Data Spaces for Digital Transition: Enabling data creation, access and valorisation for EU Regions

Regions and Cities
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DT4REGIONS and initiatives are delighted to invite you to a joint Webinar on 2 May 2023 from 17:00 to 19:00 CEST online, with the aim to explore the integration of AI into Digital & Data Spaces for European cities and regions. 

In this session, we will introduce the basics of Digital & Data Spaces technologies, we will propose clear directions for the integration of AI into Digital & Data Spaces, and illustrate fully-curated examples already working in the European context. Bibliographic material and a repository of the case-studies will be supporting our 2-hour session. This would be the entry point for the contribution of the Mutual Learning Communities from the European community on Digital & Data Spaces and AI. 

We will connect with the Data Space for Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities (DS4SSCC), an EU-funded initiative, which is preparatory action for the creation of a data space for smart communities as an enabler of the EU Green Deal goals and Sustainable Development Goals. Which gathers the main initiatives for data space development in the EU. 

Since capacity building is one of the most relevant elements of the digital transitions taking place, we will also focus on the roadmap for skills development in the context of data spaces, and how to enable a new cohort of public servants to access data space competences. 

We invite public authorities, municipalities, policy makers from local and national authorities, supporters and signatories of the Living-in.EU declaration, as well as DT4REGIONS project partners to join us for this Webinar. Participants will get to know the other cities and regions interested in participating in the joint DT4REGIONS and Living-in.EU capacity building programme of the two initiatives and will share their perspectives and insight upon this very interesting topic. 


Session moderated by Prof. Fernando Vilariño, Leader of the Action Oriented Task Force on Social Impact of AI at the European Network of Living Labs and Associate Director at Computer Vision Centre. 


DT4REGIONS and Living-in.EU Capacity Building Joint Programme 

The DT4REGIONS project aims to support digital transformation in European regions by creating a platform which will serve as a one-stop-shop to enable the development of open-source AI and Big Data (BD) tools and services of public interest, enhancing public administration efficiency and effectiveness in user-centric services. 

The Living-in.EU “Join, Boost, Sustain” Declaration invites European decision makers of EU cities and communities to bring the economic and social benefits of the digital transformation to all local communities and implement an inclusive digital Europe, with powerful digital services, technologies, infrastructures and skills. 


Objectives of the Joint Capacity Building Programme 

  • Raise awareness and knowledge about AI for public services.  

  • Stimulate peer to peer knowledge sharing on digital transformation among regions.  

  • Increase and enlarge policy discussions on topics of specific public interest.  

  • Serve as a hub of a wide variety of information for mutual learning on the digital transformation of European regions and cities. 



  • 2 workshops and 2 interactive sessions to share the platform’s learning content.  

  • 4 video webinars created around the main technologies on AI and BD and their potential use by the European public administrations. These webinars will be integrated into 4 online interactive sessions for awareness and online discussion with public administrators.  

  • 2 open debates organised by the ENoLL Action Oriented Task Force on the Social Impact of AI with the aim of identifying the main concerns in dealing with AI and Big Data for all the stakeholders, and set up a permanent online forum to exchange information using the platform tools. 

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