AI and the role of the Public Sector
Apr, 24
Start at 14h00m
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AI and the role of the Public Sector - examples of AI in practice from West Sweden

Government and public sector
Regions and Cities

Region Västra Götaland, in collaboration with RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, and Business Region Göteborg, is organising a workshop on AI and the role of the Public Sector, taking place on 24 April between 14:00 and 16:00 at 3 Rue du Luxembourg, Brussels. The workshop will contribute to the European debate on AI by discussing the public sector’s role in facilitating and creating viable prerequisites for the sustainable development of AI, as well as showcasing examples of AI in practice from West Sweden; one of Europe’s leading innovation regions.

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14:00-14.10 Welcome Address by Moderator Jeanette Nilsson, AI Ecosystem Expert at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

14:10-14:30 The legal requirements of AI in relation to the innovation ecosystem and the public administration

Speakers: Susanne Stenberg and Håkan Burden, Senior Researchers and Policy Lead Applied AI, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

This session will focus on the legal requirements of the proposed AI Act in relation to the innovation ecosystem. A close up at the opportunities and challenges for the public administration as a research partner and accelerator of responsible AI provided and a showcase of the legal framework for regulatory sandboxes and CE-labelling of public services.

14:30-14:45 AI in the Public Health Care Sector

Speakers: Cecilia Hahn Berg, PhD in biophysical technology and life science strategist and Magnus Kjellberg, PhD, Director of AI Competence Center, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

This session will showcase the work and perspective of Sahlgrenska University Hospital, the largest hospital in Sweden, on the development and implementation of AI in health care for the benefit of patients. A pilot project exploring the legal aspects of federated machine learning will be highlighted.

14:45-14:55 Food for thought by RISE

A reflection by RISE over the developments within the sector and what may be recognised as high respectively low risk AI.

14:55-15:10 AI for regional business development and innovation

Speaker: Hannes Lindkvist, Business Region Göteborg

This session will go into opportunities and challenges for public actors to support businesses in AI development and innovation, and how to create better prerequisites for SMEs to understand and work with AI, use AI for innovation, and prepare for future AI regulations.

15:10-15:20 Food for thought by RISE

RISE will do a reflection over the developments within the sector and what may be counted as high respectively low risk AI.

15:20-15:50 Discussion and Q&A

15:50-16.00 Closing Remarks by the Moderator

About the organisers

Region Västra Götaland is one of Europe’s leading innovative regions. It’s a frontrunner for sustainable development and a popular test bed for new ideas and innovations. The region is governed by democratically elected politicians, with around 55 000 employees responsible for providing health care, public transport, and regional development to its 1.7 million inhabitants. 

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden is Sweden’s research institute an innovation partner. Through international collaboration with industry, academia, and the public sector, RISE ensures business competitiveness and contributes to a sustainable society. RISE Swedish research creating sustainable growth.

Business Region Göteborg (BRG) is responsible for business development in the city of Gothenburg and represents 13 municipalities in the region. BRG contributes to creating more jobs and thereby achieving sustainable growth in the business life of the Gothenburg region by offering knowledge and contacts to create conditions for the private sector to Business Region Göteborg

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