Final conference

A look back at the Final Conference of DT4REGIONS

Government and public sector

On Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 June 2023, we organised the Final Conference of the DT4REGIONS project.

This final event of our two-year project led by Emilia Romagna Region was a chance to reinforce the DT4REGIONS community and to involve Regions, cities and communities from across Europe, encouraging all of them to share their challenges and look for common solutions on the DT4REGIONS platform.

Many lesson-learned and stories, finding and opportunities were shared during those two days:

•    During ENoLL Open Debate, focused on ‘Skill development for European Public Servants in AI and Big Data’, we learned more about the DT4REGIONS project capacity building programme and the inventory of more than 100 learning tools, accessible here.

•    During a session on building synergies, network and communities, we had the opportunity to explore the wide and complex landscape of digital transformation at EU level. This session, with representatives from Living-in.EU, OASC, AI4Gov, PrepAI, Auroral project as well as the Committee of the Regions, was a chance to discuss and announce several new initiatives, such as the Local Digital Twin toolbox survey.

•    We announced the winners of the DT4REGIONS Awards, after receiving 34 excellent applications. An expert jury selected the winner of the most innovative solution as South Moravia's chatbot that can be deployed in emergency situations to use AI to identify callers' needs. A short list was also created by the jury, which was put to a public vote, attracting an incredible 938 votes on the DT4REGIONS platform, with the winner being selected as Puglia's COReHEALTH app, giving back control of a health journey to patients.

•    The link between DT4REGIONS and Living-in.EU was further explored. Emilia Romagna Region’s also officially signed the  'Join, Boost, Sustain' declaration.

You can find the full programme of the conference here and the recording of those two days here (Day one) and here (Day two).


Last update 28/06/2023